The Alma Lobster Shop
Ship at rest on the calm tranquil waters of the Bay of Fundy
One ship in our fleet out fishing
Our fleet docked
Enjoying a lobster meal by the shore
Our Welcoming Sign
Shop with a spectacular view
fundy-parkFundy National Park of Canada - encompasses some of the last remaining wilderness in southern New Brunswick. Here, the conifer dominated Caledonia Highlands roll down to meet the fog-generating Bay of Fundy. The tidal fluctuation of the Bay of Fundy is the highest in the world. Watch fishing boats come and go to the rhythm of the bay. Inland, explore lush forests and deep stream valleys.  Village of Alma - The Village of Alma is the gateway to Fundy National Park. Here you'll find places to stay, eat, and stock up on supplies. alma-pic

hopewellHopewell Rocks Our ancient geology and powerful tides have shaped the backdrop, our rich cultural and human history have woven a warm tapestry and our friendly interpretive staff are on center stage to help unravel for you the mysteries of the Bay of Fundy, one of the Marine Wonders of the World.


 fundy-trailThe Fundy Trail opens up previously unreachable coastal areas of incomparable natural beauty and makes it accessible to all, while responsibly preserving and protecting the ecological balance of the area. The Fundy Trail is a major contributor to the Bay of Fundy Experience.
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