Lobster Shop and Family Fisheries Inc.

Thankful Too Family Fisheries Inc. is a family-run business situated in the beautiful seaside village of Alma, gateway to Fundy National Park.   We offer both a wholesale and retail lobster and scallop business.   We buy lobster and scallops from the fishermen along the southeastern shore of New Brunswick.   This  includes our sons Joseph and Justin MacDonald and their grandfather Reg Collins. We sell seafood retail to visitors from all over the world from our shop located on Alma beach.  We sell wholesale to businesses as far away as China and as close as the local restaurants.

Cottage on the Beach

Cottage on the Beach is located on the Alma Beach with your own private access to the shore of the magnificent Bay of Fundy.  It’s an ideal location for watching shorebirds, Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons.  Located only a short walk from the entrance of Fundy National Park, and 50 km from the provincial landmark of Hopewell Cape Rocks.   You can sit in the solarium and enjoy the beautiful view of the fishing boats sailing by bringing in their daily catches or enjoy the variety of sights that our famous 50 foot tides offer from the deck. The cottage is wheelchair accessible with a ramp to bring you in the entrance and spacious rooms inside for easy accessibility.  Any special request to make the cottage more accessible particular to your visit would be welcomed.

Deep Sea Fishing     

 10 – 12 hour tours Deep Sea Fishing
 2 – 3 hour tours Sight seeing and/or Sandshark fishing available from August 1 –    Sept 15th in the Bay of Fundy 

10-12 hour Deep Sea Fishing:

We share with you the excitement of catching one of the Worlds most dangerous creatures.  The Bay of Fundy has provided us with an array of sharks which has given us the opportunity to catch sharks from over 30 feet long to as small as 3 feet.  We offer you the same opportunity to have a unique experience of fishing for large shark of which the Bay of Fundy is home to many.  We encourage experienced fishermen as well as the unexperienced to come.  We offer everyone the chance to reel in the big one, the exhilarating experience of catching something only few in the world have.  Hours of entertainment in spotting, baiting, story telling, rod changing, fighting and landing sharks.  The more common sharks to catch are the porbeagle, mako and thresher. 

 2-3 hour boat tour and/or shark fishing: 

Enjoy with family and friends, the marine life that inhabits the coastline of the Bay of Fundy.  Seals, porpoise, sand sharks, and bald eagles are just some of the wild you may encounter.   

 Option:  Fish Sand sharks

 For an unforgettable experience on the High Seas – Call for information at (506) 887-2550

 We recommend groups of 3 – 6 people, for deep sea.  For the boat tours families and children are welcome.  Departure times are based on the tides and a credit card deposit will be required to confirm bookings.   We have a choice of 3 vessels to book from with Captain Joseph MacDonald on the Grateful One, Captain Justin MacDonald on the vessel Thankful Too and Captain Martin Collins on the Fundy Mist. 

 Vessels range from 28 feet to 55 feet in length depending upon the availability and suitability of the tour.   All bait and chum required for 12 hour trips will be provided.  Options:  Lobster dinners are provided upon request.  Extra payment for dinners is required.  A waiver will be provided for agreement and signature for all fishers.  All sharks are catch and release.

 Safety is a priority in all decisions

 For more information call (506) 887-2550